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“That’s my loan officer”, my client said.

A quiet morningI am an early riser and my clients know that. I had wrapped up my reading, my affirmations and my meditation. I was feeling great. I heard the familiar ping of a text and I reflexively reached for it. “I can’t believe I wake up every morning and this is my reality, sheesh!” was what it said. It was 6:30AM, start of another day in the life of a Realtor. Since Andrew had just texted me I gave him a quick call.

Breathlessly he said, “do you have the news on?” “No”, I responded. I thought to myself I can’t remember the last time I turned on news in the morning, especially since this election cycle. I know there is nothing there to uplift me, make me feel good about myself, or my country at the moment. I never start my day with my parking brake on and that is what watching or listening to the news is for me. Ditto, too for Facebook and most of the social media outlets. It is just not productive for me in my business.

Boston Area Homes for SaleAndrew said, “turn on channel 7.” I did so. On the screen was another report of my crazed individual who had been arrested. I couldn’t piece it all together because Andrew was talking in my ear about our pending sales and the new property we have an offer in on. I tried to focus. I saw some guy talking to a reporter at his front door saying that a person had come to his door last night and shown an FBI badge and asked to use the bathroom. He wondered, then asked the FBI guy why he was knocking on his door and needed to use his bathroom. The alleged FBI guy said, no problem he will knock on some other door and use the bathroom and wandered off. The guy at the door told the reporter that he was unnerved by the encounter and called the police.

A day in real estateThey then cut to a shot inside the police station where the contents of the backpack were on full display. 38 magnum gun, zip ties, duct tape, stun gun, shackles, garbage bags…the list of items continued to be broadcast on the lower third of the screen. Andrew was asking me about a property he asked me to research for him. I was happy I hadn’t had my first cup of coffee yet, this would have caused my blood pressure to rise. As it was I was watching the news and still feeling there is nothing good.

The guy’s name scrooled across the screen, Gannon LeBlanc. I thought to myself and then said out loud, “Gannon LeBlanc, why is that a familiar name?” Andrew nearly screamed in my ear, “THAT IS MY LOAN OFFICER!” It was now 6:36 AM and all my house was still peacefully sleeping and I thought to myself, you just can’t make this stuff up. Real estate is an amazing business. I instructed Andrew to get to his bank when it opens and make sure his loan is still good. It was. You just can’t make this stuff up.